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Prosperity with the nation

Astra Polytechnic is Astra's work for the advancement of national industry and the welfare of the nation

Welcome to Astra Polytechnic

This is the official website of the Astra Polytechnic, previously known as the Astra Manufacturing Polytechnic (Polman Astra), a Vocational Higher Education Institution under the auspices of the Astra Bina Ilmu Foundation, one of 9 foundations owned by PT Astra International Tbk.

Link and match vocational study program with industry

With the support of Astra Group companies, it is Astra's commitment to provide high quality vocational education

Manufacturing of Production Equipment and Tools

Equipping every graduate with the ability to design and manufacture industrial tools

Production Engineering and Manufacturing Process

equip graduates with manufacturing process skills in production planning & control units

Building Construction Technology

Equipping graduates in planning, implementing and supervising building projects

Automotive Machinery

Equipping graduates with competencies in the automotive sector combined with automotive management


Equipping graduates with skills in mechanical engineering, electronics, information technology and control systems

Informatics Management

Equipping graduates in planning, implementing and supervising building projects

Contribution to the Nation

Astra Polytechnic is an industrial value chain for providing superior human resources as well as social contributions to educate the nation

Research & Publications

Community dedication

Technology Application

Student Admission


Industrial Service